The People & Planet First Budget Proposal

For many years, Illinois hasn’t been paying its bills. Our legislature was obligated to invest in public pensions, but it used that revenue to cover the costs of Illinois’ most basic obligations. On top of that, both Republican and Democratic administrations have given tax breaks to businesses that are not proven to create jobs. That unsustainable choice has finally reached a crisis point.

But Illinois doesn’t have to be broke. Our elected officials could fund a “People and Planet First Budget” for the common good by closing corporate tax loopholes, creating a progressive income tax and enacting the LaSalle Street Tax.

Check out our full budget proposal:  A PEOPLE AND PLANET FIRST BUDGET FOR ILLINOIS

The People and Planet First Budget would invest an additional $23 billion annually to:

  • Fully fund pre-K through 12 education ($5 billion)
  • Provide universal healthcare ($4.5 billion)
  • Convert to all green energy over the next 30 years ($3.5 billion)
  • Fully fund human services ($3 billion)
  • Repair our infrastructure ($3 billion)
  • Provide free higher education at Illinois’ community colleges and state universities ($2.5 billion)
  • Increase pension investment ($2 billion)

These investments would create tens of thousands of jobs and improve both the overall economy and the quality of life for all Illinois residents.

The People and Planet First Budget would raise an additional $23 billion per year in revenue from three main actions:

  1. Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes ($2.5 billion)
  2. Enacting a Graduated Income Tax ($9 billion)
  3. Passing the LaSalle Street Tax ($12 billion)

For more information about these proposals, see our FAQ page.

The March to Springfield also supports the following legislation:

Close $924 million in Corporate Tax Loopholes: HB 4004 (Rep. Guzzardi) Click here to learn more.

LaSalle Street Tax: SB 1970 (Sen. Aquino) Click here to learn more.

Student ACCESS Bill: SB 2196, making all undocumented students who qualify for in-state tuition legally eligible for Illinois financial aid and scholarships

Close the Carried Interest Loophole: SB 1719/HB 3393 (Sen. Biss/Rep. Welch)

Imposes a privilege tax on hedge fund managers and private equity traders whose large profits currently go untaxed. Estimated revenue of $1.7 billion in first 12 months.

$15 Minimum Wage for Illinois

Legislation to pass a $15 minimum wage that would phase in over the course of 5 years in the state of Illinois. Raising the wage will boost our economy and bring more tax revenue into the state as more folks spend in their communities to purchase goods and services.

Protecting Immigrant Communities: Illinois TRUST Act: (HB 3099-Hernandez/ SB 31-J. Cullerton)

The Illinois TRUST Act sets reasonable, constitutional limits on local police interaction with ICE enforcement, and fosters trust between local police and immigrant communities. Major provisions include: no deputizing of local police to serve as immigration agents, law enforcement certifications for immigrant crime victims, no discriminatory registry programs, SB 31 also includes the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB 426).

Safe Zones Act: HB426 (Rep. Welch)

Creates the Immigration Safe Zones Act. Establishes that schools, medical treatment and health care facilities, and places of worship may not grant access to law enforcement officers working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to take action against suspected immigration law violations without a warrant.