March to Springfield for a People & Planet First Budget

We want our communities to be great places to live.

Communities across Illinois need more good jobs.

We need better public schools, with more teachers, smaller class sizes, support for students with disabilities and curricula with music, arts, physical education and courses that prepare us for the future. We need communities free from violence in our homes, on our streets, at work, and at the hands of police and ICE.

We need decent, affordable housing and safe infrastructure. We need clean water and reliable electricity from renewable resources. We all need health care, and many of us also need mental health services, drug treatment programs, domestic violence shelters, violence prevention programs and other resources to help in times of crisis. And we also need to honor our pension commitments to public workers around the state.

It’s time for Springfield to live up to its vital responsibilities.

Tell us: What does your community need?

That’s why we’re marching for a “People and Planet First Budget”.

We’re marching from Chicago to Springfield to tell our state elected officials to do their job: pass an Illinois budget that invests in the people of Illinois and the health of our environment.

If Illinois requires corporations, millionaires, and billionaires to pay their fair share, our state can afford to make these investments, creating hundreds of thousands of good jobs for people doing the important work that will improve our lives and make our communities great places to live. For more than 30 years, politicians have been handing out tax breaks to corporations and their wealthy campaign donors, starving Illinois of resources that could be invested in the things our communities need.

Trickle down economics doesn’t work, and corporate tax breaks won’t bring jobs or these investments to our communities. It’s time for our elected officials to put the people of Illinois and the health of our environment first.

I want to join the March to Springfield!